Why Do You Need Vape Batteries?Vaping is one of the newest and safest ways to consume both nicotine and marijuana. It lets people enjoy the quick effects of these substances but does away entirely with the unhealthy effects of inhaling burning particles—otherwise known as smoke—into your lungs, where they can do real, permanent damage, such as lung cancer, given enough time.

However, while vaping is safer, it is also a bit more complex than smoking a cigarette, for example. Traditional smoking just requires the cigarette, and the application of fire, through either match or a lighter. Because vaping doesn’t involve flames or burning, it requires another process to generate heat. That heat is needed in order to turn marijuana oil into vapor, or steam, and the way to safely to do this is through electrical energy. That’s where vape batteries come in.

Safe Heat

In order to burn marijuana for smoking purposes, heat needs to hit a temperature of about 392 °F, but if the liquid is vaporized, the temperature only needs to hit about 284 °F, which requires less energy. Vape batteries work to store the energy required by the vaporizer to create the electrical energy required to generate heat. 

Fortunately, battery technology is a lot more efficient these days, so even though a vaporizer may use up a lot of energy to vaporize marijuana, batteries are ready to serve for than just one or two sessions before emptying. But even then, depending on the type of vaporizer being used, vape batteries may be rechargeable, meaning that you get plenty of use of them, usually hundreds of recharges, before the performance starts to drop and the batteries have difficulty holding onto a charge.

Replenish The Supply

Whether it is disposable vape pens or just batteries that need replacement after faithfully being used on a regular basis, there is a real need for periodic vape battery replacement. Fortunately, there’s a big, blowout sale going on right now with a host of different battery options. If you’re looking for batteries for yourself to plan long term, or you’re in the business, needing to restock on your supply for customers, a sale on wholesale vaping batteries is going to help a lot.

So take a look at the batteries on sale, as well as the other products, and remember that if you see something you like, it may even be possible to get some custom design work applied to certain products to promote your name and/or business!

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