What’s The Difference Between E-Cigarettes & Vaporizers?When we talk about vaping marijuana or nicotine, people often refer to using either something like a marijuana vaporizer pen, otherwise known as an e-cigarette or e-cig and just a “plain old” vaporizer. And there are pretty obvious differences regarding the look between the two. When someone is using a marijuana vaporizer pen, depending on the design, it’s very easy to mistake it for someone smoking a cigarette, whereas someone using a vaporizer may look like they are holding an unusual voice recorder to their mouth.

So what’s the difference between these two? Why do some people use the e-cig/pen or a vaporizer? Which one is right for you?

Easy & Disposable

The e-cig or marijuana vaporizer pen is a more convenient solution for most people. It is smaller, slimmer, and a lot of it is designed for ease of use. As the name “electronic cigarette” or e-cig implies, this “pen-style” was originally designed to resemble traditional cigarettes. In terms of function, oil in a container is slotted into the vaporizer pen, and, once that container is emptied, it is removed, and replaced with another that has already been filled.

The Next Level

While the technologies and mechanical principles between the pen and the vaporizer are identical, the intent is a little different. Pens are more of a “fire and forget” solution for people that want an easy, fixed solution. The disposable cartridges of pens mean that people swap in products they buy from other sources, with no choice but to use whatever mixture has been prepared by someone else and purchased.

Vaporizers, however, have built-in containers/tanks that can be removed and filled by the user. In other words, this adds an extra level of control. The cartridges, in this case, are not one-use-only, thrown away once empty. They can be refilled, and, more importantly, they can be refilled with whatever the user wants. So if the user prefers a specific mix and ratio of nicotine/marijuana, they can create that mix themselves and fill up as much of it as they want to into a vaporizer.

The Choice Is Yours

Se essentially, the difference between a pen and a vaporizer is one of casual, or more serious use. Both are equally valid, and with these blowout sale prices on accessories that were already wholesale, you can get even better deals on whatever you need for yourself, or for your business if you’re interested in getting into this ex-citing new industry.

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