Vaping Laws By State Are Different.

While it’s clear that different states have different legal attitudes towards the use of marijuana, you might be surprised to hear that it’s also the same story when it comes to the newest technology in compound consumption, the vaporizer. That’s right, even though vape pen batteries and other accessories are far safer and greener than smoking cigarettes, some states still treat vaping in exactly the same way as cigarettes. But why?

It’s Viewed As Tobacco

Even though vaping itself does not burn anything, it still uses nicotine, or marijuana, and as a result, the FDA has classified the substances used by vaporizers as equivalent to tobacco, and thus prone to the same regulation. So children, for example, are not legally allowed to purchase or use vaporizers, the same as cigarettes.

There is also the fact that while vaporizers do not carry the same harmful effects of second-hand smoke to others that inhale the vapor/mist, the active ingredients, such as nicotine or THC, are still present. This means that others may be affected by the vapor if they are in proximity to someone vaping.

Check Your State

As a result of this, some states such as California and New York, have instituted the exact same state regulations on vaping as smoking. If you can’t smoke in a bar or restaurant in these states, you also can’t vape. However, other states, have not banned vaping state-wide, but have left this decision up to individual counties to determine their own municipal policies. So if you live in Florida, for example, in Miami-Dade County, you can’t vape at work, or in restaurants, but you can vape in bars. Then there are states, such as Nevada, Rhode Island or Tennessee with no banning at all, you’re free to vape indoors as much as you want! Check with your local state regulations to see where you stand!

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