Canada Becomes 1st Western Nation To Legalize Marijuana

While it’s still a contentious issue throughout some parts of the United States, it is no longer illegal in every single state to consume marijuana. In fact, in some other countries, the consumption of marijuana is now completely legal at the federal level with Uruguay, making the historic first step in 2013, while Canada is the first Western Nation to do so this year.

In the United States marijuana consumption varies from state to state, so your state of residence plays a huge role in whether you are legally allowed to consume this substance and for what reason. But if you live in an area where marijuana consumption is allowed, you have one interesting alternative that is open to you beyond traditional smoking, or consuming it in food, and that is vaping.

The Same Benefits Vs Smoking

The use of vape supplies for “e-cigarettes” or vaporizers over traditional cigarettes has been growing more fashionable for several years. There’s a lot of good reason for this. Even with marijuana, which doesn’t contain anywhere near the same number of toxic chemicals as processed tobacco cigarettes, the act of burning a marijuana leaf is still bad.

Burning, that is, the application of extreme heat, is a chemical reaction. And all chemical reactions create new chemical results in the process. As with smoking tobacco, smoking marijuana “cigarette-style” rolled up in paper will produce a residual tar, in the exact same way as smoking a cigarette, and that tar, along with other by-products of inhaling burning matter, is harmful.

But when using marijuana with vape supplies, either as the herb itself, or as a distilled oil, the burning process is removed from the equation entirely. However, the active ingredient of marijuana, THC, is perfectly preserved, in the same way that nicotine, the reason most people smoke, is preserved in a liquid, with full effects intact, when vaping.

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