Depending on the state—or even country—that you live in, access to marijuana may be possible either as a medical treatment or even as a recreational substance, in the same way, that tobacco and alcohol are legal all over the United States and Canada. Some states, like California, and Nevada have completely legalized mariju-ana, while others, like Idaho and South Dakota, still treat marijuana as an illegal substance with misdemeanor charges attached.

On the national level, marijuana is still considered an illegal substance, while in Canada, it has become legalized at the Federal level. So depending on where you live in North America, your “marijuana situation” may be very different from someone else. However, one thing that doesn’t change is the considered use of vape supplies rather than smoking marijuana. There are plenty of good reasons to make this switch.

Smoke Is Smoke

Regardless of whether it is tobacco or marijuana that is being smoked, one thing doesn’t change; the health risk. The chemical process of burning something means that there are certain, unavoidable chemical reactions, such as the formation of “tar” in the lungs. This doesn’t change, regardless of the source, because it is the burning process, not the plant involved, that creates the tar.

Using vape supplies and vaping, instead of smoking, obviously negates this. Vaping literally vaporizes canna-bis oil, completely bypassing the smoke/burn process by finely applying heat to change the state of the can-nabis from liquid to vapor. Because of this, the carcinogenic by-products of combustion are completely avoided, making for a much safer, long-term consumption experience. Smoking anything, even marijuana con-siderably raises the chances of lung cancer if done on a long enough timeline. Vaping eliminates this risk.

Reduced Smell

Another big plus that comes from vaping marijuana rather than smoking it is the infamous smell. It’s important to remember that smoke, when it is created through combustion, is merely incredibly tiny pieces of “ash.” In other words, these are still solid particles. As a result of this, when you smoke something, the particles of smoke that make contact with you, your hair and your clothes can become deeply embedded. This is com-pounded by the fact that the combustion chemical reaction tends to produce strong smells on its own. This is why cigarettes, cigars, and marijuana, when smoked, create strong odors that cling to a person.

Vaping, however, dramatically reduces this, once again, because of the vaporizing process. The intensity of the smell from vaping marijuana will vary from one vaporizer to the next, so different models may produce stronger smells than others. However, because what is created is “steam,” not smoke, this also means that it doesn’t cling as strongly to a person or clothes. More importantly, the smell dissipates quickly, since the vapor itself is rapidly dispersed into the air.

So for people in different parts of the US—or in Canada—who are interested in consuming marijuana, vaping is a better solution, both from a health and a convenience perspective. Inhaling smoke is just not a great idea if you have other alternatives.

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