Vaping Advantages

Why Do You Need Vape Batteries?

Vaping is one of the newest and safest ways to consume both nicotine and marijuana. It lets people enjoy the quick effects of these substances but does away entirely with the unhealthy effects of inhaling burning particles—otherwise known as smoke—into your lungs, where they can do real, permanent damage, such as lung cancer, given enough …

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What’s The Difference Between E-Cigarettes & Vaporizers?

When we talk about vaping marijuana or nicotine, people often refer to using either something like a marijuana vaporizer pen, otherwise known as an e-cigarette or e-cig and just a “plain old” vaporizer. And there are pretty obvious differences regarding the look between the two. When someone is using a marijuana vaporizer pen, depending on …

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Tiva Solutions Now Offering High Quality Vape Products & Packaging Services To Canada

Well, it finally happened, and, perhaps to the surprise of many, it wasn’t the United States that made this achievement first, but Canada. Uruguay holds the record for being the first nation to ever declare marijuana le-gal for recreational use on a Federal level. Canada is now the first of the modern, industrialized, first world …

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Tiva Solutions Offers State Compliant Packaging To Meet Regulatory Requirements

The USA continues to slowly move toward marijuana legalization in one state after the next. While some offer it as a medicinal treatment, others have authorized it for recreational use. Meanwhile, in Canada, the entire country just legalized marijuana, recreationally, at the Federal level, but is leaving each province to determine sales, distribution, and packaging.

Vaping Marijuana Is Safer Marijuana

Vaping Marijuana

Canada Becomes 1st Western Nation To Legalize Marijuana While it’s still a contentious issue throughout some parts of the United States, it is no longer illegal in every single state to consume marijuana. In fact, in some other countries, the consumption of marijuana is now completely legal at the federal level with Uruguay, making the …

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Vaping Use Varies By State

Vaping Use Varies By State

Vaping Laws By State Are Different. While it’s clear that different states have different legal attitudes towards the use of marijuana, you might be surprised to hear that it’s also the same story when it comes to the newest technology in compound consumption, the vaporizer. That’s right, even though vape pen batteries and other accessories …

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Powerful New Vape Pen Cartridges And Batteries Could Be Advantageous

Advantages Of Vaping High Quality Products

As vaping has grown in popularity, manufacturers have improved the hardware considerably. The pieces of equipment that have seen the most considerable improvements are cartridges and vape pen batteries. Thanks to innovative new solutions, cartridges and vape pen batteries now last longer than ever before, allowing users countless hits without any problems.

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