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Tiva Solutions To Test Market Their New E-Cigarette Line For Adult Smokers Only—A Healthier Alternative To SmokingBuy Vaporizer Pen Supplies Today! Smoking, whether it is traditional cigarettes, or marijuana, is far from a healthy activity. While the desired compounds in these activities, like nicotine, for cigarettes, or cannabis in marijuana are not, in and of themselves harmful, the act of smoking is. Smoke inhaled directly into the lungs affects the lung cells, and smoking creates a harmful, toxic tar that people take directly into their systems.

This is why “vaping,” which involves inhaling a vaporous steam/mist is far less harmful on your body, and we’re a part of this revolution. In order to help promote this much healthier form of substance consumption, Tiva Solutions is bringing testing new vaping products. Not only are these products safer, they’re also more pleasant to use! Vaping substances like nicotine salt, for example, allows for not only stronger nicotine effects, but even the addition of different flavors, whereas cigarettes themselves are being discouraged from adding flavors, such as the ban on menthol cigarettes that is gaining traction within the US government. These test market units are extremely limited, but we’d love to know what you think to help improve these products!


For people that are looking for something quick, convenient and disposable so you can stay on the move with little trouble, there is a new fully charged and disposable closed pod that comes in a variety of different flavors. This is a 1.0 ml pod of nicotine salt, equivalent to about 5% strength nicotine, or a pack of cigarettes. For users, this means about 300 “puffs” are available before disposing. It comes in 20 different flavors, with a cool mint flavor in the works and coming soon! 20 units are available for testing!

Starter Kits

For people interested in something a bit more permanent and durable, who are just getting into the hobby, “VapeSoul” starter kits are available to help people ease into this new form of consumption. Pre-filled pods come with 1.5 ml of nicotine salt at 5% nicotine strength, equal to about two packs of cigarettes. The starter kits include a battery, charger, and three pre-filled pods to start. There are 50 flavors available including classic menthol, with 50 units are available for testing!

If you’d like to give the benefits of vaping a try, and want to see new products in action before they hit the market, contact us and let us know!

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