Tiva Solutions Offers State Compliant Packaging To Meet Regulatory RequirementsThe USA continues to slowly move toward marijuana legalization in one state after the next. While some offer it as a medicinal treatment, others have authorized it for recreational use. Meanwhile, in Canada, the entire country just legalized marijuana, recreationally, at the Federal level, but is leaving each province to determine sales, distribution, and packaging.

This means for a lot of areas in North America, there’s a new, major, business concern; meeting packaging regulations, and staying compliant.

It’s Legal Now

The legalization of marijuana varies state-by-state, province-by-province, and it means that vape supplies, and the marijuana itself—even if the product doesn’t change—will have drastically different regulations. Texas, for example, only allows marijuana to be dispensed for medical use. California, on the other hand, allows recrea-tional marijuana to be sold. And while Ontario will allow private businesses to sell marijuana in 2019, for now, it is only available online, while Alberta allows private, public and government-run facilities to sell it.

For each of these areas, different packaging requirements are in place. If you are not compliant with the state or provincial regulations for packaging, you will not be able to legally sell these products in that area. Tiva Solu-tions has already produced state compliant packaging for many companies. We know exactly what it takes to maintain regulatory compliance in different states, and are ready to help your business ensure that you have no legal snags that could prevent you enjoying brisk, efficient sales.

For more on our expertise in compliant packaging, take a look at our partners page, and see what we’ve already done for businesses in California, with our CA compliant packaging. And if you need help with the packaging and logo design, we’re more than happy to assist in that too, as a full-service provider for our partners.

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