Tiva Solutions Now Offering High Quality Vape Products & Packaging Services To CanadaWell, it finally happened, and, perhaps to the surprise of many, it wasn’t the United States that made this achievement first, but Canada. Uruguay holds the record for being the first nation to ever declare marijuana le-gal for recreational use on a Federal level. Canada is now the first of the modern, industrialized, first world na-tions to take the plunge. This beats out the entire continent of Europe, which is normally seen as a progressive region, and even the United States, which is normally considered a world leader in just about every area!

For Canadian businesses, this represents a new, exciting opportunity, but that’s only if they are in the right posi-tion to take advantage of it. Canada is now in a “strike while the iron is hot” phase of marijuana legalization and many new businesses now have a rare chance; being in the right place, at the right time, with what amounts to a “license to print money.”

The Regional Differences

While Canada is now able to legally sell recreational marijuana in every single province of the country, how that is done so varies from province to province. Some provinces, like Ontario, originally planned to sell marijuana strictly through provincial government-run dispensaries, but then provincial elections occurred with new parties in power that resulted in a last-minute switch over to private businesses after all. However, those changes won’t be implemented until 2019, which means that businesses now have time to prepare.

In other cases, such as New Brunswick, marijuana will be sold strictly by the government, while other provinces, such as Alberta, will incorporate a mix of the two. This means that, depending on which province you are think-ing of operating in, there may be a need for high quality vape pen cartridges wholesale.

The Products You Need

For Canadian businesses, the next year or so is very much a “gold rush” situation, where whoever gets in first stands the best chance of making substantial amounts of money. Buying vape pen cartridges wholesale to add to an inventory of marijuana-based paraphernalia and accessories is going to be very profitable.

Our products are manufactured in China, to exacting, minimum standards of quality that we’ve set. However, those products, while made in China, are already here. In anticipation of the growing need for vaping products and accessories in both the USA and now, on a national level, in Canada, we have been proactive about stock-piling our immediately available supply.

This means that you don’t have to deal with either logistics, shipping costs, or lengthy wait times involved with buying directly from China. As an authorized, legal dealer of these products based in California, our Canada customers can enjoy the cheaper and faster shipping of the products they want for their businesses and enjoy the confidence and reliability of American and Canadian logistics and delivery services to get it there.

Now is the time to take advantage of a great business opportunity, and we can help you get there better, and faster.

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