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Every vape is only as good as the cartridges placed into it, and that’s why we proudly offer disposable e-cig cartridges at a fair, wholesale price. While pre-loaded vape cartridges are incredibly common, you can also order empty disposable vape cartridges that can be filled with your own custom mixes and blends, making it easier to customize your offerings and help build up your brand in a significant way.

When you shop for disposable vape cartridges, it’s important to match up the compatibility. Look at things like the type of battery power that works with the cartridge – 420mAh, 320 mAh, and so on. Then, consider how easy it is to fill the cartridge and also things like whether or not the hole size can be customized. These features let vape users match up to their specific cartridge with exactly the kind of vaping experience that they desire – powerful, heavy vape loads, moderate, casual vaping, and so on.

We offer all of our disposable e-cig cartridges at a fair price and use only cartridges that have Pyrex tubes to ensure maximum durability and integrity. When you order our cartridges, you’re getting a product that will stand up to plenty of use and still provide the kind of vaping experience your customers expect.

And since you’re ordering direct from a national wholesaler, you get additional benefits including:

  • Fast shipping times
  • Direct customer service
  • No risk of being scammed
  • Low shipping prices
  • Highest quality product possible

Whether it’s the V3 .5ml Ceramic Disposable Itsuwa Amigo or the smaller .3ml Itsuwa Amigo or something else entirely, our team has the knowledge needed to help you pick out exactly the kind of cartridges you’re looking for. Then, whether you’re selling them as-is or filling them with your store’s favorite mixes, you’ll have disposable cartridges that are great for anyone’s needs.

We also offer disposable vape pens like the 5S C2, which is made from high-quality quartz and glass and comes with 2 more holes to increase airflow. This pen can be refilled 2 to 3 times, making it a great value and something that will deliver plenty of vaping pleasure to anyone.

No matter what you need, we have it ready to ship out. You’ll get your disposable vape cartridges fast and be totally satisfied with the product. We stand by our vape supplies, so you can order with confidence from us.

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