Is Vaping Better Than Smoking

You may have seen or heard about “vaping,” a new way consume nicotine—and even marijuana—that doesn’t involve burning anything, the way traditional cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other smoking implements work. But how, exactly, does vaping work then? What are the principles and technology behind this technique that made it so that we didn’t see it in the general public until the 21st century?

Here’s the way this technology works, and why it’s gaining more and more popularity with each passing year.

A Kettle In Your Hand

When someone buys vape pen oil for cartridges or any other supplies for vaping, what is being paid for and used is, essentially a high tech, portable version of a kettle. Only here, instead of boiling water so that it’s hot enough for tea or coffee, the goal is to convert liquid into steam, or vapor. This is a big difference from a cigarette, or pipe, which needs to burn leaves and paper at a temperature of about 750° F, unless being inhaled, in which case, the temperature rises to nearly 1300° F! Contrast this with vaporizers, that only need to hit about 375-450°F, and you see that much less heat—and subsequently energy—is required.

Vaporizers work through a relatively simple mechanism that is now made possible thanks to advances in miniaturization. The vaporizing technology in use in modern devices has been known and commercially and industrially applied since the 1960s, but in the 20th century, it was only feasible in larger machines. Today, of course, it’s not much larger than a cigarette, and easily fits in a pocket or purse.

Heat In A Chamber

You just need vape pen oil, extract, or other preferred methods in order to get started. A vaporizer consists of a mouthpiece, where you inhale, cartridge with the oil, extract or other substance of choice, an atomizer that applies energy to the oil in the cartridge and a battery to power everything.

Depending on the level of sophistication for your vaporizer, you may activate it by pressing a button, or simply inhaling. The atomizer rapidly applies the heat to the liquid in the cartridge, converting it over to a vapor. Of course, because it’s not constantly burning, the way a cigarette is, there’s no smoke or persistent heat. Instead, you simply get a cloud of vapor that strongly resembles cigarette smoke in appearance, but of course, is not filled with any of the chemical reactions that come from the chemical reaction of burning something.

Disposable Or Not

People who choose to vape have a lot of choice in how they go about it. For some, vaping is a largely disposable act, with people buying vaping equipment designed to be used and then thrown away once consumed. Others, however, prefer a more permanent solution, with vaporizers that use rechargeable lithium batteries, so that the only thing that needs to be replaced are the oils/extracts that are actually being inhaled.

Ultimately, the choice of disposable vaping versus using a permanent device is purely a matter of personal preference and convenience. It’s really up to you!

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