As vaping has grown in popularity, manufacturers have improved the hardware considerably. The pieces of equipment that have seen the most considerable improvements are cartridges and vape pen batteries. Thanks to innovative new solutions, cartridges and vape pen batteries now last longer than ever before, allowing users countless hits without any problems.

New And Improved Vape Cartridges

When vaping first became popular, many of the cartridges were made of cheap plastic. These .5ml cartridges did not hold much substance, which meant vapers constantly had to replace them. However, there’s a good chance that the cartridges would not even make it to that point. That’s because they would suffer from multiple problems, including:

• Leaking
• Breaking
• Cracking

Today, however, manufacturers have updated the cartridge design so that they are much more durable. Today’s cartridges are made of stainless steel, pyrex glass, and ceramic coils. With this design, cartridges last until a user consumes the juice inside of the cartridge. Thanks to the ceramic coils, there’s a good chance that it does not take someone long to finish a cartridge.

That’s because the coils heat the oil inside the cartridge but do not burn it. As a result, the vapor tastes better than ever before. Because users have been consuming more vapor, and the cartridges are more durable than ever before, most manufacturers have increased the size of the cartridge to 1.0 ml, or a full gram. Not only is this more convenient, but it also provides the user with much more value than a smaller cartridge.

Enhanced Battery Life

When vapes first became commonplace, another primary issue was the fact that the hardware would not last long. The charging ports or batteries would often break or malfunction, which prevented users from recharging their devices. This proved to be frustrating, as avid vapers were forced to by new equipment much more frequently than the would have liked. Now, however, the batteries are much stronger than ever before.

Additionally, early vapers did not have the luxury of being able to go extended periods without recharging their batteries. That’s because the batteries in early vapes featured a wattage of 180 – 240 mah. However, today’s vapes now come with wattages as high as 1000 mah. Users can also adjust the batteries so that they can access multiple heat levels. Whether they are going for a mellow session to get them through the day or a huge vape hit of high intensity, today’s batteries make it possible.

Upgrade Your Vaporizer’s Cartridges Batteries Today

No matter if you are an avid vaper or someone who is just beginning, you should strongly consider upgrading your cartridges and vape pen batteries. The best way to do so is by checking out the vast array available through Tiva Solutions. At Tiva, we offer the highest quality ceramic vape cartridges and the most powerful vape batteries at wholesale prices, affording you the opportunity to upgrade your hardware without breaking the bank.

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